The following books are recommended reading about lifestyle, clutural living, retirement, tax and investment. These books are being suggested to increase your knowledge base.

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Title Author
Going InternationalLennie Copeland
Survival Kit for Overseas Living L. Robert Kohls
Understanding Cultural Differences
Moving Your Family OverseasKalb / Welch
Womens Guide to Overseas LivingPiet-Pelon & Hornby
A Wife’s Guide (Culture Shock Series) R. Pascoe
Where in the World Are You Going (for children 5-10)
Understanding ArabsMargaret K. Nydell
Update: Saudi Arabia Intercultural Press
Encountering Chinese
From Nyet to Da (Soviet Rep.)
Fair Go For All Intercultural Press
French or Foe Intercultural Press
Kiss, Bow, Shake Hands Intercultural Press
Women’s Guide Overseas Intercultural Press
A career in your suitcase.Parfitt & Reichrath- Smith
Australia, Borneo, Burma, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, VietnamCulture Shock Series – Various Authors
Beyond WorkBill Roiter
Retire to the Life You LoveNell Smith
10 things I wish someone had told me about retirementSelles, Yih & French
The Canadian Snowbird Guide (US & Mexico)Douglas A. Gray
Choose Mexico J. Howels & D.Merwin
Costa Rica (Cultural/Travel)Ree Strange Sheck
Choose Costa Rica – Retire/Invest John Howels
Adventures Abroad (Travel / Retirement) Europe, C. America, Asia)Symons / Parker / Gateway
Intl. Tax & Financial Planning Worksheets / Non-residency Expatriate Group
(Review extra)
Take Your Money & Run!Alex Doulis
The Border Guide (US Tax & Financial Planning Guide) Robert Keats
Risk is a Four Letter Word (Asset Management)George Hartman
Sudden Wealth – The Next GenerationJack Lumsden
Financial Strategies for WomenThe Basics
The Wealthy Barber Chilton
EDGE Investment & Retirement Planning Disc or Email Software InputExpatriate Group
EDGE Financial Planning Interpretation (minimum $400,000 assets) Selected Financial/Tax Planners
Financial Pursuit (Financial & Life-Style Planning Strategies/Work Book) G. Walters
You Can’t Take It With YouTrimark Inv. Mgmt.
The Millionaire Next DoorTrimark Inv. Mgmt.

Cross Cultural Services Provided –
dealing with a new culture is always a challenge.  In addition to may of our financial services, we provide lifestyle/culture shock sessions. Tom Boleantu has worked several years overseas, particularly in the Muslim country. Tom can advise on real life examples and employment conditions. Also, our staff has been carefully selected for lifestyle empathy for global travels and retirement. Whether you are leaving Canada, rotating overseas, returning to Canada or planning retirement, we can advise lifestyle choices through consultants and books to assist you’re planning.  You will find our services very helpful.

Coping skills: Time, space and overseas stress management with emotional aspects emphasized.

Cross-Cultural Communication:
Books and videos available for sale or review at our office.
Day seminars for individuals and family, spouse outlining problems and solutions. 1-3 hrs.
Private & Group sessions are often paid for by your Canadian employer.
Spouse and family adaptation to the move and in the host country. The spouse represents 50% of any success overseas.

Children’s Education alternatives plus costs in Canada and Overseas.