Currency Exchange

Transferring money overseas is something that almost every expatriate has had to do and from experience we know that it can be costly, slow and not always secure. We have teamed up with OFX (formerly CanadianForex) to provide our clients with a cost effective and simple way of transferring funds overseas. You will find that an international money transfer is much cheaper and quicker using OFX.

An added Benefit: To receive two free transfers, quote The Expatriate Group when phoning Toronto 1-800-680-0750, London/OFX +44 207 614 4119 (Stewart). For overseas clients, needing transfer information, Stewart can assist you.

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Why OFX? Why not my bank?

  • Extremely competitive foreign exchange rates(savings of up to 5%) – Online access 24/7 – Access to a dedicated Dealer by phone 24-hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Offices in Canada, San Francisco, Sydney ,UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong
  • Multi-currency local accounts for receiving international payments
  • No receiving bank fees in majority of countries
  • Risk management tools through Limit Orders and Forward Exchange Contracts for up to a year
  • Complete pricing transparency