How Vacations Really Boost Physical and Mental Health   

Take the break!

Multiple new research studies indicate there are many physical and mental health benefits to gain from taking a holiday, some reportedly remaining even two months after we have returned to the daily grind. However, research also shows that certain habits and attitudes can neutralize these benefits, and even leave you more tired, stressed out, unhealthy and overwhelmed than how you started out.   Read More..

7 Household Chores with Unexpected Health Benefits

Why Housework can be good for you!

Not everyone enjoys household chores — that’s a given. But what if you knew there were more benefits to them
than just making your home look more presentable?  Once you realize how these simple tasks can boost your
happiness, lower your stress, or protect your body from diseases, your to-do list will never look the same again.   Read More..

Preventing Injury during your work out                       

Tips to avoid injuries

Walking is one of the safest ways to get more physical activity. Minimize your injury risk with these tips:
Get a Smart Start, Start low and go slow with supportive, well-fitting, cushioned athletic shoes. Increase your walking time or
distance by 10 to 20 percent each week. Replace your shoes every 300-500 miles to avoid the wear and tear
that can contribute to injuries.       Read More..

Gym vs. Working Out at Home…                                              

Which is better for you?

Deciding to exercise is easy. It gets more complicated when you have to do it, the biggest question being: Where are you going to exercise? It’s easy to join a gym, of course, but it’s also easy to
pay for that membership while never using it.

It’s also easy to set up a home gym and, of course, even easier to find a hundred other things more important than your workout.  For example, laundry, playing a game on your phone, cleaning the
lint from behind your dryer, etc.   Read More..

White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise – Which Color is for you?

Would you like better sleep?

Finding the right sleep noise can mean better sleep for years to come. Learn the differences between white noise, pink noise,and Brown noise, plus how to pick a sound machine that will have you sawing logs all night long.  If you’ve suffered through a sleepless night (or several), you’ve likely tried a slew of sleep aids or remedies. One of those was probably white noise, either through a white noise machine, a
white noise app, a white noise fan, or another sound machine.  Read More..

How Binge-Watching Is Harming your Health   

Poor sleep quality, eye strain, increased risk of blood clot.

Binge-watching, otherwise known as the act of streaming many television episodes in one sitting, is more common and doable than ever. New and buzzy series are constantly added to Netflix and other online entertainment services.

With so much content available, and so much screen time becoming the norm – replacing hours devoted to fitness, socializing and sleeping – the potential health implications of binge-watching are
becoming more obvious.  Read More..

Workout excuses & how to beat them

Make a commitment

The toughest part about committing to—and sticking with— an exercise program is getting your mind to go along with it.
Learn how to jump over five mental hurdles and confront common excuses that could derail your best intentions

Nobody ever said adopting a regular exercise program or consistently working out would be easy. What is the biggest
obstacle most people face? Their mind…..

Exercise with a Friend

It’s more fun working out with a friend!

We know that exercise is great for our minds and bodies, but sometimes it’s challenging to maintain interest. That’s why exercising with a friend can be a huge benefit. Here are three reasons to get exercising with a friend.                                                                                                 

1. It’s more fun exercising with a friend

2. You’re more likely to succeed in your goal

5. You’ll work harder with someone else around.      .Read More..

Health and Fitness: What’s Trending in Fitness

Fitness Trends

The biggest fitness trend for 2019 is wearable fitness technology. From activity trackers to heart rate monitors to devices that do both and more,
the newest “wearables” are sophisticated tools for recording your steps per day, distance you run, and calories you burn. Make sure to pick the device that
meets your needs … and your budget, as they can get expensive. ..Read More..

Could a Fitness Tracker Boost Your Heart Health?

The Heart-Smart Power of a Fitness Tracker

Having an objective daily record can open people’s eyes to how little exercise they’re getting, Martin says, which can re calibrate their mindset and become an incentive.  People find ways to incorporate more activity into their day, whether it’s dedicated walking or gym time, walking during meetings or personal calls,
or simply taking the stairs instead of an elevator. .Read More..

How Exercise Keeps us Young

Keeping active can improve your longevity

Active older people resemble much younger people physiologically, according to a new study of the effects of exercise on aging. The findings suggest that many
of our expectations about the inevitability of physical decline with advancing years may be incorrect and that how we age is, to a large degree, up to us.

.Read More..

Want to Keep Your Brain Sharp? Take Care of your Eyes and Ears

How to maintain optimum brain functionality

By age 40, about 1 in 10 adults will experience some hearing loss. It happens so slowly and gradually, says audiologist Dina Rollins, “You don’t realize what you’re missing.” And even as it worsens, many people are in denial. .Read More.

9 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Mind

Practice Mindfulness

Practice observing your thoughts, rather than reacting automatically to them. Think of your thoughts as clouds floating by. Which draw you in and which make you want to run away? Is there a way you can untangle yourself and just observe your thoughts, rather than reacting?  ..Read More..

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Surgery can be traumatic for many people. If you have a friend who’s just undergone a procedure, you may be concerned about what to say or do. There are many great ways to be supportive after a surgery….Read More…

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Why Having a Fitness Buddy Is the Best Thing Ever

Not only is having one more fun, but an exercise partner can make you more accountable, motivated, and even fast-track your fitness goals….Read More…

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8 Healthy Date Ideas That Aren’t Just Dinner

Locking down a dinner reservation is a perfectly fine date idea. But there’s something to be said for getting to know a new partner or deepening your connection with your significant other (SO) by doing something a little more out of the box…Read More…

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As I was preparing to write this article, I asked Elizabeth, my wife, if she could remember the year we were married; I couldn’t. She struggled for a few moments and then said it was late November 1980….Read More…

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Exactly What to Do When Work Stress Messes With Your Relationship

You spend eight or so hours a day at your workplace, tackling deadlines while navigating the needs of your clients and colleagues. So it’s completely understandable that when the workday ends….Read More…

Walking as Meditation: Quiet Your Mind as You Improve Your Health9 Spices

8 Things to Do If You Want to Be at Peace with Yourself

Let me introduce myself. I’m an addict. An alcoholic since my teens, I lived most of my life on various edges. At twenty-one, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disporder, as if being an alcoholic wasn’t bad enough. If you don’t know what BPD is, it is an unsettled and shifting sense of self, and it’s unbearably difficult to live with. I possessed a fearful and fraught mind at the best of times. Both my addictions and my BPD led me to do some pretty crazy things. Crossing a drunk person with a personality disorder is not conducive to the sort of life you would wish on anyone…Read More…

Understanding Growth Factor: Your Body’s Natural Fountain of Youth9 Spices

How Listening Can Improve Workplace Performance

Listening is an active process that involves focusing on what is said without allowing other thoughts to invade the process. Small business owners and entrepreneurs who employ serious listening skills….Read More…

9 Spices That Boost Your Immune System9 Spices

It’s time to replace your medicine cabinet with your spice rack, according to 16 research papers published in Nutrition Today…

Stress has gotten a very bad rap. Yes, it’s true that too much cortisol, nature’s stress hormone, will make you fat, sleepless, and forgetful. And overwhelming stress can give you a heart attack (along with these other heart attack triggers). However, not all stress is created equal. Negative stress, or distress, is what wears down your immunity and poses a health risk.Read More…

There’s Magic In Your SmileSmile Magic

Scientist and spiritual teachers alike agree that the simple act (of smiling) can transform you and the world around you. Current research (and common sense) shows us that a smile is contagious. It can make us appear more attractive to others. It lifts our mood as well as the moods of those around us. And it can even lengthen our lives.

The older we get, the harder it is to make friends. Here’s how to start “friending” like a kid again. Read More…

For Your Brain’s Sake, Keep MovingKeep Moving

Because we can never have enough reasons to keep exercising, a new study with mice finds that physical activity not only increased the number of new neurons in the brain, it also subtly changes the shape and workings of these cells in ways that might have implications for memory and even delaying the onset of dementia.

It is important for our mental health as it is for our relationships and jobs to master the art of truly stepping out of the office. Try some of the following tips to help smooth the transition from work to weekend much more mindfully. 1. Leave your workspace organized. Alongside the excitement of the end of the day and start to the weekend is the looming deadline to wrap up the week’s work….Read More…

Is retirement good for health or bad for it?Retirement

For many people, retirement is a key reward for decades of daily work-a time to relax, explore, and have fun unburdened by the daily grind. For others, through, retirement is a frustrating period marked by declining health and increasing limitations.

What are the conditions that make it more likely that you’ll stick to your New Year’s resolution? How do you create lasting changes and actually make it a regular habit? Read More…

The Link Between Happiness and HealthHealth photo

Link Between Happiness and Health, 3 Monthly Tasks You Should Do To maintain Your Career Health, 5 Ways to Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts, Four Keys to Building Strong Work Relationships

It is important for you to do what you say. When you commit to something others listen and then watch. They want to know if you can be trusted to deliver on your commitment or if you will just blow it off. Read More…

The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep? PurposeSleep photo

The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep? Purpose, The Myth of Motivation, Why Do People Skitter on the Margins of Their Own Lives?, How Can We Build and Nurture Our Circle of Support?

What is the motivation trap? The motivation trap, as stated by Dr. Russ Harris states that we wait to feel motivated before we take any action. Now you might be asking, what’s the problem with that? The problem is that if you’re always waiting for motivation to hit, you may be waiting your whole life. While you’re waiting on motivation, motivation is waiting on you. Because committed action comes first and motivation comes second. Let me give you a basic example. Have you ever felt like just staying at home and watching TV and not motivated at all to go to the gym? Read More…

10 Things Your Commute Does to Your BodyTraffic photo

Things Your Commute Does to Your Body, 3 Ways You’re Killing Your Career Without Even Realizing It, 7 Ways Pets Improve Your Health, 7 Types of Work Relationships

Driving more than 10 miles each way, to and from work, is associated with higher blood sugar, according to a report written by researchers from the University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the Cooper Institute in Dallas and published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine. High blood glucose levels can lead to pre-diabetes and diabetes. Read More…

Sitting at work is bad, but is standing actually better?sit vs stand photo

Sitting at work is bad, but is standing actually better?, Job satisfaction: How to make work more rewarding, 11 Ways to Make Your Mind Calm and Peaceful, Play Well With Others: 7 Ways to Develop Effective Work Relationships

You can submarine your career and work relationships by the actions you take and the behaviors you exhibit at work. No matter your education, your experience, or your title, if you can’t play well with others, you will never accomplish your work mission.Read More…

5 Things That Happened When I Stopped Bringing My Phone To Bed With Mephone photo

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When I first took this assignment, I felt a little guilty. “I shouldn’t even take their money,” I told my husband. “I’ve already banned all devices from the bedroom, just like Gweyneth Paltrow and other spriritually evolved lifestyle gurus.”Read More…

7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Brain Power + Sharpen Your Mindbrain photo

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Studies shows that chronic stress can damage the brain. So you can help protect and strengthen your brain by engaging in activities or lifestyle habits that decrease the firing of your stress response. One of the best ways to do this is through developing a meditation practice, even if it’s just 10 to 20 minutes a day. Read More…

Music to heal the Mind, Heart, and Bodymusic photo

April 2017 * Music and the Brain, Are you a Good Friend to your Grown-up Kid?, 10 ways to build Inner Strength, 10 Tips to Revitalize your Job Hunt

Since part of survival is accepting that you cannot change outside circumstances or people, it is imperative to accept and feel empowered by the realization that you can transform yourself. It’s a super power. Yes, you can, and here are some pointers to help you get there. Read More…

Forgiveness: Your Health Depends on Itforgive photo

February 2017 * Can you learn to be more forgiving?, Grow a Key Inner Strength, Fall back in Love with your Job

“There is an enormous physical burden to being hurt and disappointed,” says Karen Swartz, M.D., director of the Mood Disorders Adult Consultation Clinic at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Chronic anger puts you into a fight-or-flight mode, which results in numerous changes in heart rate, blood pressure and immune response. Read more..

Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stickinspire

January 15, 2017 * 15 Tips to Boost Your Well-Being and Happiness, Are You in a Codependent Relationship?, How to Become More Resilient

Unhealthy behaviours develop over the course of time. Thus, replacing unhealthy behaviours with healthy ones requires time. Don’t get overwhelmed and think that you have to reassess everything in your life. Instead, work toward changing one thing at a time.  Read more…

Exercise: 7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activitybenefits of excersise

November 15, 2016 * The Secret of Workplace Motivation, 7 Benefits of regular physical activity, Healthy Relationships Lead to Better Lives, Yes, You can: 10 Ways to Build Inner Strength

It is inspiring to know that you really can do something to make yourself stronger. Since part of survival is accepting that you cannot change outside circumstances or people, it is imperative to accept and feel empowered by the realization that you can transform yourself. It’s a super power. Yes, you can, and here are some pointers to help you get there. Read more…

Active Ingredients and Herbal Medicineherbal medicine photo

Resilience Tips to Refresh our Attitudes, Healthy Relationships Lead to Better Lives, Is it time to Move on from your Current Job?

Pay attention during the day to one or more things that trigger feelings of appreciation. Anything and everything can be included, like appreciating yourself for making the effort to bring healthy snacks to work, or noticing when a co-worker does something to help you out. Maybe a total stranger let you cut into the checkout line. Focusing on the many good things in life helps build inner resilience. Read More…

The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Breakfast Foodsgranola

Phobias: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis, The key to Happy Relationships? It’s not all about communication, Career Information for non-degree programs

For today’s couples interested in improving their relationships, say the study’s authors, therapists might consider going back to the basics and incorporating more practical social skills into their discussions. And that may include referring those who lack these skills to money managers or career coaches. Read More…

Want to Start Eating Better? Try Thiswellbeing

Well-Being Concepts, How Will a Baby Affect Your Relationship?, 9 New Skills That Boost Pay the Most

Some personality factors that are strongly associated with well-being include optimism, extroversion, and self-esteem. Read More…

Running Releases Protein Associated with Improved Memory in Micevision

Why your attitude is everything, The Essentials of A Healthy Employer-Employee Relationship, How to Move up the Corporate Ladder – The No Scheming Way Up

Studies of the psychology of peak performance have found that most great athletes, surgeons, engineers and artists use affirmations and visualizations either consciously or subconsciously to enhance and focus their skills. Read More..

Social Media: How Does it Affect our Mental Health and Well-Being?kindness

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Setting goals with your partner can be a double-edged sword. On one end, when you achieve them you feel joy and exhilaration for having realized a dream or aspiration. On the other hand, when you fail to meet them, you may face disappointment as you are forced to re-evaluate your ambitions. Read More..

Physical Exam Frequencyphysical exam

The benefit of laughter, 10 habits of Couples in Strong and Healthy Relationships, 3 Signs You’re on the Verge of Hating Your Job

Much of our attitude about life and our capacity to meet life’s challenges depends on the quality of the relationships we have; especially our most intimate relationships because when they go sour, life tends to feel bleak. Read More…

Going Barefoot: Strong ‘Foot Core’ Could Prevent Common Injuries barefoot

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You weren’t misled when you were taught that first impressions matter. People tend to anchor onto their initial impression of a situation, and have a hard time forming a new one, even in the light of disconfirming information. Read More…

PHYSICAL HEALTH: ‘Healthy’ Foods Differ By Individualchoice

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If we understand a little more about how our emotions work, we are in a much better position to use this information to our advantage. Learning to control your emotions can be one of the best skills you will ever develop in your life. Your emotions lead to the actions you take and therefore create the life you are experiencing now, every part of it. Read more..