Overseas Employment

The Expatriate Group Inc. is not an employment agency.  Once individuals have found employment, we can offer additional advice from contract review to tax and financial planning and tax return preparation.  Tom Boleantu has been in a similar position as you, and with overseas working experience, he can offer some ideas to seek overseas employment which are listed on this page.  This is not a one week process, but rather an ongoing 1-12 month process. Good Luck! Overseas Employment is rewarding from both a financial and a life-style (travel) perspective.

The Expatriate Group strongly recommends single individuals who are currently on monthly rotation to seek non-resident tax-free status.  Keep in mind that many jobs overseas publicize a tax free status (i.e. In Saudi Arabia). Unless ties are severed from Canada and re-established overseas, Revenue Canada can tax individuals on overseas employment income. Seek professional tax and financial planning advice (as offered by the Expatriate Group Inc.) to review your employment offer, prior to departure. Once you have accepted the offer and left for the new position, one cannot change the terms of employment offer.  Do not accept the employer’s offer of no taxation. Residents of Canada are taxed on world-wide income.

International Pursuits: The Expatriate Group Inc. does not offer International Employment Opportunities, however some resources are offered on our Overseas Opportunities. Please be advised that, once individuals have found employment, we can offer additional advice from contract review to tax and financial planning and tax return preparation.

The Expatriate Group is not a job search company and does not provide this service.  However, due to many requests on how to find employment overseas we recommend the following:

Newspaper: Review the Placement Adverts of the Saturday issue of the Calgary Herald for the past 6 months. This can be researched on line or at either the Calgary or Edmonton libraries. Keeping in mind that some overseas positions in Qatar and Libya have a 50% failure rate, often due to non-adaptability of either husband or spouse, it is advisable to apply to agencies again.

Trade Magazines: Visit the public library for copies of trade magazines in your specialty. Review active companies world-wide and telephone/fax a resume to the Personnel director. We advise telephoning the company for the personnel director. If no jobs are available ask for a referral to other active companies overseas. Fax a resume with thanks. Follow-up monthly by phone and fax.

Expat Network: Launch a worldwide job search in minutes. Join expat network today! For global recruitment through a UK company and newsletter, contact us by email(expats@expatnetwork.co.uk) or by magazine(nexus@expatnetwork.co.uk).

*Resumes should have a picture on them. Use fax and email as mail normally takes one to two months.

JustEngineers.net UK’s leading specialist engineering recruitment site. 100% free to candidates, providing visitors with career advice, job searches, e-mail alerts and newsletters

CTEN: The Canadian Technical Employment Network is a Canadian job referral system which puts technology professionals – members of provincial associations – in touch with prospective employers serching for quiality technical staff with specific knowledge and expertise.

UAE:Higher Colleges of Technology is hiring for Teachers of Engineering. If you are seeking a challenge, in the best colleges in the middle east, with a well motivated student body, supported in a highler focused learning environment, then please look at this site.

Resource Professionals Professional & Technical Staffing Internationally

Conroy Partners Limited Executive Search Worldwide

Canadian Immigration Solutions

Energy Central Jobs Job search and posting

Qatar General Petroleum Corporation Qatar’s major Refining and Petrochemical Complex

Careers Source-CSPG Geologists Post your resume for free

Aramco Saudi Arabia Petroleum Engineers/ Technicians/Petrophysicists

NewsLinks News for Overseas Teaching Positions

LIBYA: Libya continues to offer full-time employment (family status in Tripoli or Brega). This is normally on Canadian non-resident (tax-free) status. Many individuals opt for a 65/35 day return schedule. This has qualified for reduced Canadian taxes using foreign tax credit.