Residency Status

Canadian-Deemed Resident

Returning to Canada:  Everything is a blur and happens quickly when you leave Canada for an opportunity overseas. It is hard to get all the planning right when you have tight deadlines to meet. We have been there – and understand what it is like. Since 1989 we have been helping Canadians with their returns to Canada after living overseas.

The following is a list of common circumstances our clients find themselves in.

Case Studies

Returning to Canada after several years employment overseas: Y is a single 33 year old mechanical engineer transferred from Calgary to Saudi Arabia for a three year contract. The contract has ended and Y would like to come back to Calgary and perform contract services. She no longer wants non-residency status and is looking to work a rotation schedule while establishing ties back in Canada.

Returning to Canada: X is transferred from Russia back to Calgary with wife and three kids for an executive director role overseeing exploration activities. X has worked for seven different companies in various senior management capacities. Throughout his career, X has participated in several different IPO’s in the Oil and Gas industry. His assets are all held overseas in different countries with different agents. While they were overseas they rented their property through a local property management company. Now they would like to sell this house and buy a new one closer to downtown, and a townhouse for the kids to live in while attending the University of Calgary. Also X would like to consolidate his assets and plans to retire in the next ten years. He would like to start estate planning on his return to Canada.

Leaving Canada: X would like to continue retirement in Mexico and spend part of the time in Canada because of their grandchildren.Returning to Canada after contract termination after two years: Y is a contractor working in Saudi Arabia and has a terminated contract after two years. They would like to come back to Fort McMurray to work in the oil sands.

Returning to Canada from the United States: Originally X left Calgary to work in Huston at the company head office. Now X is 34 and thinking about returning to Canada and or planning to return to Canada with wife and two kids.

These case studies summarizes recent tax cases; however, we recommend that you consult with us before embarking on any of the actions taken by individuals in these studies, which are appropriate to your own specific requirement.