Canadian Retirement Income Calculator:

This online service will provide you with retirement income information, including OAS and CPP benefits. You will need to work through a series of modules in order to estimate your retirement incomes and compare them to the 70% income replacement rate often recommended by retirement planners.

Retirement Advisor:

Canada’s premier site for information about planning for and enjoying a financially secure retirement. Looking for some easy-to-use calculation tools to analyze your financial situation? Click on our Tools tab.

Working During Retirement:

One of the biggest misconceptions about retirement is the concept that retirement means not working. In fact, with all the pressures on Canadians to self fund retirement, one of the easiest solutions might be to incorporate work into our retirement. Road scholar educational adventures are created by ElderHostel. The non-for-profit has been a world leader in life-long learning since 1975. American Association of Retirement Planners. Information on Retirement Planning Association of Canada.  Tom is the Alberta Director of RPAC and an International, Canadian Tax and Financial Planner. Alberta Centre for Active Living. Resources for older adults. Information on Canadian financial planning. Tom has been a member of FPA for over 20 years and follows the FPA code of ethics.  This website directed to consumers, has many articles and aids for financial & retirement planning. Other social security sites around the world for benefits in those countries.
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While most American workers are riding out the bear market, nine percent of all respondents and 23% of those over the age of 54 said that they had to postpone their planned retirement age. Seven percent said they were increasing their deferral or savings rate to compensate for the low investment earnings.  Globally there is a general lack of preparedness for retirement. While many workers worldwide recognize the need to prepare for retirement, far fewer are actively preparing for that day.  There is a gap between perceptions and realities surrounding retirement. Expectations are often unrealistic about how much people will need to save in order to retire comfortably. Only 32% of Americans had determined how much they need to accumulate in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement.