Client in Bahrain

We’re tremendously pleased with the help and support we’ve been receiving from [Tom Boleantu] and The Expatriate Group. It’s been a great relief to know that we had all our ducks in order when we left Canada. There was so much to arrange and we would have undoubtedly made a mess of it all on our own! I can’t tell you how many times since we arrived that I head your advice in my head- like how to deal with the day-to-day frustrations of adapting to a new culture. I have no doubt it’s in large measure due to your help that we’re so comfortable and happy just 5 months into this adventure. Anyway, thanks so much for smoothing the way. There’s an awful lot of cope with in moving to another country- sometimes I wonder if I’d have agreed to this had I known how much! But Brian and I have said so many times it would have been a nightmare without [Tom Boleantu] and The Expatriate Group to guide us.