Client in Calgary

My wife and I recently returned from a four year assignment in Egypt. During the time in Egypt and for several years back in Canada, we utilized the services of the Expat Group. After retiring from a lengthy career in Education we were given the opportunity to continue that career at an international school in Egypt. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, but uprooting ourselves and facing the unknown was also somewhat unnerving. We quickly learned that there was a lot of bureaucracy to content with to become a non-resident, if you didn’t want to face difficulties down the road. It was at that point that we decided to enlist the services of The Expatriate Group Inc. During our time as non-residents, the necessary forms for non-residency, income tax filing and any other request from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Knowing that they were taking care of this major part of being a non-resident gave my wife and myself peace of wind and allowed us to better enjoy the fantastic and memorable experience of living and working in Egypt.