Client in Hondurus

Thanks Tom. We are very happy with the services with both The Expatriate Group Inc. and Assante Wealth Management. We have much less anxiety around taxes than many other Canadians we have met who have not filed their taxes or been declared on-residents. As The Expatriate Group helped us do our departure in July 2000. Our investments for retirement would be some sad little RRSP’s from our Credit Union. We certainly would NOT be doing as well without your help. We feel like we have gone abroad for several years teaching and it had paid off in terms of developing an investing strategy as consolidating our RRSP’s and starting a monthly plan with tax free investments for retirement savings, which we’d never have done without your help. We will consult with you when we return to Canada about the purchase of a home. We have one more year here and then may go to one more country before retiring home. Cheers