Client in Jakarta

I thought I’d give you a few comments on my experience preparing for Jakarta financially. [A leading accounting firm] has provided me with information about Canadian non-residency status and tax issues as promised. While this information was no doubt accurate, I have to say that I did not have confidence that it was complete since I could only seem to get information issues I was already aware of or about things I could ask questions directly on. [The leading firm] was very vague on specifics of how to handle cancellations of accounts, etc. and especially investment issues. Therefore, I sought out other information sources to fill the gaps. I came across Tom Boleantu with the Expatriate Group and was please not only with the financial advice but with other information and advice about wills, insurance, cancelling accounts and affairs prior to departure etc. I was offered culture shock advice and tax preparation services but my company had those covered already. I guess I need interpreted advice for my specific case and not just general information.