Client Testimonials

I just wanted to take a minute to thank your for all of the advice over the last 9 years.  Your guidance through Non-Residency allowed me to begin an enjoyable and rewarding working life in the Caribbean.  Your continued support while I was away with Rental Return assistance and the sale of Canadian Property proved invaluable – it was reassuring to know that your organization would always be of service.  Using your strategy and guidelines for repatriation was incredibly easy and I can report a very stress-free move back to Ontario.  Your continued involvement in my Investment Portfolio has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to many more years of rewarding advice.  Keep up the great work!

Client in Ontario

Thanks Tom. We are very happy with the services with both The Expatriate Group Inc.  and Assante Wealth Management. We have much less anxiety around taxes than many other Canadians we have met who have not filed their taxes or been declared on-residents. As The Expatriate Group helped us do our departure in July 2000. Our investments for retirement would be some sad little RRSP’s from our Credit Union. We certainly would NOT be doing as well without your help. We feel like we have gone abroad for several years teaching and it had paid off in terms of developing an investing strategy as consolidating our RRSP’s and starting a monthly plan with tax free investments for retirement savings, which we’d never have done without your help. We will consult with you when we return to Canada about the purchase of a home. We have one more year here and then may go to one more country before retiring home. Cheers.

Client in Honduras, Korea, Oman

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you gave us; both culturally and financially. You really did help to prepare us for this amazing adventure. We landed in Saudi Arabia at the height of summer and just before Ramadan. You can understand just how valuable the cultural information was to us. Since we have been in Riyadh, we have been sharing with fellow Canadians how helpful you and your company have been. Our department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center have now added your company information package to its orientation program for Canadians. In our group alone there are about 5 others that are looking at The Expat Group information, and six more Canadians are starting in October.

Client in Saudi Arabia

Many thanks for handling my monthly savings plans and filing my tax rental return for all the times that I have been employed at Saudi Aramco. Your team has always been quick to respond to my questions and never missed a tax filing deadline over the past 11 years. I am completely pleased with the sound and balanced advice that the Expatriate Group has provided and sleep better knowing that my family’s finances are being regularly reviewed and reported on by your experienced and honest company.

Client in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

My wife and I recently returned from a four year assignment in Egypt. During the time in Egypt and for several years back in Canada, we utilized the services of the Expat Group. After retiring from a lengthy career in Education we were given the opportunity to continue that career at an international school in Egypt. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, but uprooting ourselves and facing the unknown was also somewhat unnerving. We quickly learned that there was a lot of bureaucracy to content with to become a non-resident, if you didn’t want to face difficulties down the road. It was at that point that we decided to enlist the services of The Expatriate Group Inc. During our time as non-residents, the necessary forms for non-residency, income tax filing and any other request from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Knowing that they were taking care of this major part of being a non-resident gave my wife and myself peace of wind and allowed us to better enjoy the fantastic and memorable experience of living and working in Egypt.

Client in Calgary, AB

We have been back in Canada for 3 years now and I want to say thanks again for all your help. Our return to Canada after being away for 10 years was overwhelming at first, but luckily I came across your website and you were instrumental in helping us navigate our way through the repatriation process. Without your help I’m sure I’d still be sitting here will unanswered questions. Instead we are now happily settled with 2 children, a new life in Canada and a Wealth of unforgettable travel memories. I’ve referred your company to friends and colleagues many times and will continue to do so.

Client in UK/Bahamas

I want to commend you and your efficient, pleasant staff for the professional support, and timely advice given to me during our five year association in Saudi Arabia. You were Instrumental in providing me with invaluable information regarding non-residency; set up my overseas account and bond funds; arranged for tax consultation, wire transfers; and advised on coping with culture shock. I have found your one stop financial services excellent and attuned to my needs. I believe I could not find such comprehensive, reliable and personable services under one umbrella company  anywhere else. The fees charged by The Expatriate Group Inc, are very reasonable for the broad range of professional services provided and worth every penny. Please feel free to share my commendations with prospective clients, as I have done with my own friends and colleagues.

Client in Edmonton

We’re tremendously pleased with the help and support we’ve been receiving from [Tom Boleantu] and The Expatriate Group. It’s been a great relief to know that we had all our ducks in order when we left Canada. There was so much to arrange and we would have undoubtedly made a mess of it all on our own! I can’t tell you how many times since we arrived that I head your advice in my head- like how to deal with the day-to-day frustrations of adapting to a new culture. I have no doubt it’s in large measure due to your help that we’re so comfortable and happy just 5 months into this adventure. Anyway, thanks so much for smoothing the way. There’s an awful lot of cope with in moving to another country- sometimes I wonder if I’d have agreed to this had I known how much! But Brian and I have said so many times it would have been a nightmare without [Tom Boleantu] and The Expatriate Group to guide us.

Client in Bahrain

I thought I’d give you a few comments on my experience preparing for Jakarta financially. [A leading accounting firm] has provided me with information about Canadian non-residency status and tax issues as promised. While this information was no doubt accurate, I have to say that I did not have confidence that it was complete since I could only seem to get information issues I was already aware of or about things I could ask questions directly on. [The leading firm] was very vague on specifics of how to handle cancellations of accounts, etc. and especially investment issues. Therefore, I sought out other information sources to fill the gaps. I came across Tom Boleantu with the Expatriate Group and was please not only with the financial advice but with other information and advice about wills, insurance, cancelling accounts and affairs prior to departure etc. I was offered culture shock advice and tax preparation services but my company had those covered already. I guess I need interpreted advice for my specific case and not just general information.

Client in Jakarta

Tom… I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your efforts and for the value of your organization has provided to me. The stress during my transition to becoming an international staff member has been markedly reduced due to your competence and professionalism. Your services are greatly appreciated.

Client in Russia

Dear Tom, Thanks again for the services your company provides me. I certainly appreciated the complimentary discount. Hoping to manage an appointment with you this summer. P.S I think your staff members are terrific!

Tom, Thank you, I appreciate your taking good care of my RRSP account all of these years.

Client in USA