Tom Boleantu


Boleantu_TomTom Boleantu is a creative and widely-respected Canadian Financial guru in areas of lifestyle planning, expat life and wealth management. Tom Boleantu is also a Mutual Funds Advisor with Assante Financial Management Ltd. To learn more about Assante, visit Tom’s personal Assante website.

His process with clients consistently uses the same pattern and is easy to follow and execute. Boleantu studied geology before pursuing the financial world at McMaster University. His travels as an exploration geologist have taken him from the Beaufort Sea to Morocco including many stops along the way. His interest in foreign cultures drew him on to study language and infrastructure while working both as an expat and on rotation. His acquaintance with other APEGGA expats decisively affected Boleantus outlook on life; and he identified one thing that most professionals working abroad were missing. A plan and a network in Calgary to execute life after work.

He began creating asset strategies that his peers could use to help prepare for the life they were working for when they completed their projects abroad. This work showed a renewed interest in Boleantus love for learning and he began formalizes a one stop financial network.

The Expatriate Group has offered a one-stop service for expatriate Canadians working overseas for over fifteen years. Initially established to serve the needs of petroleum and engineering industry employees working overseas, including those working on rotation, our company now deals with individuals in many different professions. Our comprehensive service at one location can address and implement all expatriate financial needs and goals prior to departure, during the offshore contract and following return. Many corporations out-source employee tax & non-resident and re-entry preparation inquiries to our one-stop service.

The Expatriate Group works on behalf of both individuals and corporate clients in over 50 countries worldwide.  All operations are handled from our Calgary Office.