Wills and Estate

The Expatriate group will advise you on upgrades to your Will and refer you to qualified lawyers.  A new Will should be prepared if you do not have one or if it is several years old.  Enduring Power of Attorney and personal care directive clauses for medical and financial management need to be added. All previous clauses and references prior to December 1, 1997 are void unless updated following the new Alberta act of December 1, 1997.

Wills require internationalization, to agree with various commonwealth and country jurisdictions. An international codicil can be added to current will.  Alberta Wills will satisfy moveable property. If a home is purchased overseas then, a second will is required in that jurisdiction.

International Bank and Investment Accounts: It is advisable to hold these accounts in joint name. In event of death of other party, this will avoid expensive probate costs and time.

Note: Contact The Expatriate Group for sample Wills with Powers of Attorney and International codicil.

*Advice only available on full disclosure by completing and submitting Forms 1 a&b and (PFR) Personal Financial Review  as part of one-stop service offered to new or pre-existing clients