The Expatriate Group

The Expatriate Group provides hourly fee for service Mobility Tansition Coaching (MT Coaching Services). Migration of domicile triggered by transition events requires a review of an individuals digital footprint and corresponding “situs” or “location”.

A domicile is the country that a person treats as their permanent home, or alternatively, a country that a person lives in and has a significant connection to. A domicile is a permanent or semi-permanent legal residence.

The term “domicile” is distinct from the term “residence”. A residence is any place where an individual dwells – temporarily or permanently – which may or may not be their domicile. You can have multiple residences but can only have one domicile at any one time.

We identify and coach our clients through complexities arising from transitions. Primarily issue spotting and coaching as it pertains to migration and where you are domiciled. We review your related fact patterns and help spot issues and trouble shoot solutions regarding compliance and arising liabilities.

A review of your digital financial footprint is fundamental as it pertains to global mobility transitions – a big part of this experience is navigating the changes to your financial identity. Documentation of your digital footprint and ensuring that it represents your fact patterns is critical for compliance with regulators (credit, tax ,legal, banking, insurance and otherwise) in Canada and overseas. Your digital footprint represents a story and it is important that the ties associated with your digital footprint in every jurisdiction support the fact patter surrounding your circumstance (and matching associated story-lines).

Recognizing that well-being is closely intertwined with emotional, psychological, and interpersonal aspects of life; we identify attitudes, behaviors, and situations that impact decision-making for your well-being and peach of mind. Coaching allows clients to “clear” the situation, the plans and identify measures and move through the transition smoothly. Global mobility compliance is the ability to expand to and operate in various regions in the world, while remaining compliant with all local regulations.

Overall well being for your situational change, bringing awareness to various areas for consideration when moving to another country, coaching on complex strategies for internationally held assets as they pertain to Canadians, help seek experts and recommend professionals for implementation of plans

Examples of Services Provided:

Migration Timeline Guidance on what should be done to establish and sever ties related to international migration to/from Canada Proof of last Canadian ID : Driver’s license in other countries, proof of medical coverage, domicile of bank accounts & debit card, lease of apartment or home in new country of residence, proof of purchase of vehicle, proof of membership to clubs/organizations, list of personal possessions in new country of residence etc. for the purpose of ownership issue spotting and suggeting a plan of action
Migration TimelineChecklists to help with tasks related to the moveHealth care cards, Currency Exchange, notarizing identification, bookkeeping consierge service, 
Migration Timeline Short Term risk coverageTravel / short term / medical insurance needs in new local jursidiction and the importance to source local solutions. Travel insurance brings you back to your home country – identify where that is and what coverage is available. Recommend professionals that can source local solutions and bridge insurance.
Migration Timeline Navigating timeline of changes to your employmentContract terms, salary currency and domicile of funds, Permits/Visas, TIN, emloyment benefits etc.
Identity & Culture ShockConsiderations for Psychology and familyImpact for spouse, Rotation country, spousal visas, schooling for children, Importance of Canadian based professionals lawyers and executors, Canadian contacts, Wills, US person identity checklist
Issue spotting- Multi-Jurisdictional Digital FootprintScope of internationally held assets (Canadian if expatriating and intl if repatriating)Importance of identifying Asset Ownership, international trusts, international clearing houses.  Gather high-level footprint of assets to assist with identifying residency determination for the purposes of issue spotting and providing resources.
Resources and Recommendations Movement & Reporting of Holdings Regulatory Compliance Issue Spotting: Implications of Tax treaties (between countries), Pension considerations (eg: witholding tax/tax-credit application and/or reviewing of months working oversees or with a treaty country to assist with calculation of OAS benefits), Deemed acquisition and disposition (cost base considerations) of holdings to align with legal fact pattern and liabilities arising (liability resulting from disposition/acquisition of both Canadian domiciled and globally domiciled assets)
Resources and RecommendationsWhat professionals might be required, Recommendations to Professionals with niche international specialtiesAccountant with Intl expertise, Lawyers, Currency Exchange Broker, Currency Exchange brokers, Intl Mortgage brokers
Resources and Recommendations Tips and Tools to useCRA residency checklists and forms, moving consultants etc.

This material is provided for general information only and should not be considered or relied upon as individual investment, tax, accounting, or legal advice. Before acting on any of the information presented, please obtain professional advice in the context of your particular circumstances.