The Process

1.            15min checkin

Book a 15 min free service call to see how we can be of service to you.

2.            Initial Consultation

After your 15min checkin, book an initial 1 hour consultation.  Non-Residency brings complexity, so in order to best support you, it is important we have a conversation to understand your whole expat picture. 

*nb: We are not an accounting firm so do not process tax forms, but after understanding your needs, we often can recommend specialists required to engage in international tax and other areas concerning financial health while oversees.

3.            Collect and organize financial DNA

Prior to the meeting, we will ask you for some information, so we can understand your personal and financial circumstances.  We will send you a checklist of documentation required before the meeting. 

4.            Establish Financial Goals

During the consultation we will review your exposure, immediate needs and determine your current asset and liability allocation to recommended strategic focus areas and any recommended expertise required.

Our cost for this service is $500/hour + gst.