Our Process

Our Process: What is the outcome from a consultation?

Personal Financial Review: Collection and preparation a Statement of Net Worth (PFR) prior to the meeting allows for an analysis and discussion with your details about assets and liabilities. Determines your current asset and liability allocation. Formatting personal asset and liability data into a logical order that helps understanding, discussion and proactive decision making.  Key information about income and expense amounts includes the source, amount, timing, frequency, and tax treatment of items.

Embracing a value-for-fee advisory model, The Expatriate Group aspires to provide a cross-border planning service where fees and deliverable services are aligned through intrinsic value creation for our clients. Third party providers often reach out to our team of professionals seeking objective, impartial, cross-border financial planning advice. Our firm has been helping Canadians navigate cross border complexity for 30 years, by providing Canadian cross-border planning when they are considering permanent or seasonal moves across the border and repatriating to Canada. 

A detailed summary of investment holdings includes information about the fair market value and adjusted cost base of investments, date of purchase, accrued gains or losses, historical rates of return, and maturity dates. For some assets, information about ownership and title, beneficiary designations, and location may be provided.  Supporting documentation can include investment statements, purchase confirmations or property deeds.

A conversation to ensure client’s goals are met

The conversation can include the following to ensure the client’s goals are met in the most tax-effective way:

  • The requirements to file a tax return, tax filing deadlines, income tax brackets and marginal rates, and the client’s involvement in completing the tax return.
  • Determination of tax impacts of relevant transactions and events. 
  • Evaluation of available options to address the client’s tax planning needs and objectives. 
  • How a tax planning option will affect the client’s tax position. 
  • Evaluating the tax opportunities and concerns associated with different jurisdictions, investment plans and asset types.
  • Recommendations listed in order of importance, including time frames to complete tasks, suggested action steps and key persons to support the implementation.

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