Planned Giving

A Donor Advised Fund is a charitable giving vehicle created for the purpose of managing charitable donations and is tailored to reflect your philanthropic goals and values.  

Having the means to live well is important. Making a meaningful difference is life-changing.

A simple and convenient solution, the Program combines immediate tax benefits with the ability to support your favourite charities now and into the future.  

Benefaction is a charitable public foundation that supports, rewards and inspires philanthropic investments in Canada. We help individuals, financial advisors and institutions make a positive impact through planned giving with our Donor Advised Funds. We make it easy to add charitable giving to your overall wealth management plan. 

Can be an attractive alternative to settling private foundations due to: 

  • Quick setup 
  • Ease of administration 
  • Option for anonymity (not available with private foundation) 
  • Lower entry point to make it viable ($25K minimum VS $3M + for private foundation) 

Tax Efficiency: 

Clients will receive an immediate tax receipt for their donation. Unused credits may be carried forward for up to 5 years. No capital gains taxes are realized on gifts of long-term appreciated publicly-listed stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Achieve all the financial advantages, tax benefits and personal satisfaction that come from establishing your own charitable foundation, with significantly less cost and complexity. You’ll be issued a tax receipt any time you donate cash or publicly-listed securities. Plus, when you donate securities, the tax liability typically associated with the realization of accrued capital gains may be avoided.  

Low-Cost Alternative/Flexibility: 

Compared with the expense of setting up and maintaining a private foundation, the Charitable Giving Program is an inexpensive way to manage a sizeable gift. Clients may recommend grants to any number of charities or other institutions each year. 


The Charitable Giving Program simplifies the charitable giving experience by handling administrative tasks (i.e. issuing cheques, record-keeping, grant reporting and tax receipts) for each account. 

Control/ Legacy: 

While the program takes care of the intricacies, you recommend how you would like your donation to be allocated and, with the guidance of your Assante Private Client Team, how the assets should be managed. In addition, you’ll get regular and measurable feedback on the positive impact of your gift. Your philanthropic strategy can play an important role in the legacy of your overall wealth management plan. Name a beneficiary to the fund in your will, donate an RRSP or RRIF, transfer a paid-up life insurance policy, or get family, friends and colleagues involved in your cause.  

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