Why Choose Us

Most people coming back to Canada say to me that they wish they either had 2-3 more years overseas or that ‘next time’ they would save more. You want to optimize your cross-border and personal lifestyle, and we want to be your trusted advisor.

A true cross border strategy will address the different legal needs in each country and merge them together into a harmonious structure that is carefully designed to bring simplicity out of complexity and meet our clients’ ongoing personal and professional goals and aspirations.

The Expatriate Group: Assess Canadian professionals with cross border complexity to identify issues pertaining to Canadian tax residency and non-residency status both when expatriating and repatriating to Canada. Determining appropriate referrals to outside professionals including but limited to, cross border accountants and tax lawyers for implementation of tax compliance solutions, currency exchange, immigration consultants, estate lawyers and insurance providers. The high degree of integration between our legal, tax, and planning networks provides an invaluable incorporated and cost-efficient resource which is unique in our industry. We have a comprehensive, holistic approach to making sure that the plan that we recommend for you is comprehensive in nature ensuring your success.

The range of professionals we service include but are not limited to geoscientists (geologists, engineers, geophysicists), offshore, upstream/downstream drilling operations/instrumentation, LNG (natural gas), mining and crude exploration, business consultants, teachers, health care professionals, authors, diplomats,  executives of major multinational corporations, multinational companies with operations in several countries, some of Canada’s key multinational corporations, multi-country global mobility projects, and those with high-net worth planning complexities.

Transactional work completed by third party referrals are completed through a collaborative strategic process in which we, advise, and monitor with the clients planning engagements. 

Clients benefit from One-stop Residency and Non-Residency Services:

  • Convenience of having information regarding all non-residency issues under one roof
  • Connection between taxation and asset management are explored and explained in depth
  • Active support with changing addresses, tax status, banking logistics and currency exchange
  • Peace of Mind with a single point of contact providing specialized expatriate consultations
  • Confidential and secure cross border non-residency management in one place

My Role: Assessment of Canadian professionals with cross border complexity to identify issues pertaining to Canadian tax residency and non-residency status. This includes but is not limited to the coordination of tax compliance, advising on income tax implications, financial planning surrounding employee savings and retirement plans, government pension liabilities and payments, estate and gift tax considerations, cross-border estate tax planning, short and long-term incentive plans, as well as supplemental executive retirements plans and severance packages.  

Often individuals have one or two important questions and do not require full suite, cross-border financial, estate and tax planning services. Our collaborative team approach provides cross-border complexity issue spotting for domestic tax optimization strategies, corporate structure, and estate and trust planning.

These plans are foundational, formulated internally and with our clients empowered to make decisions based on our advice and direction. We believe in a collaborative relationship between the client, to provide an optimal experience for our clients. 

Underlying the professional practice of financial planning are three basic functions defined below: Collection, Analysis, Recommendation. 

  • Collection: refers to the gathering of both quantitative and qualitative information, the identification of relevant facts and documentation, and the preparation and organization of information in a way that allows for appropriate analysis.
  • Analysis: competencies encompass identifying issues and opportunities, performing required calculations, developing projections, and preparing and assessing the resulting information to identify and evaluate appropriate strategies. 
  • Recommendation: competencies focus on the development of recommendations that help meet the client’s personal goals, needs and priorities and strive to optimize the client’s situation.

Within each financial planning function of Collection, Analysis and Recommendation, elements of competency are assigned to one of the following areas – Financial Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning and Legal Aspects.

When you book a call with us, we can begin to identify the ways we can help.